Lakewood Country Club Scorecard

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Hole #1

The opening hole is a great warm-up hole and a straightaway off the tee. Avoid the bunker on the right as there’s plenty of room to the left. The green slopes hard back to front, so keep your approach shot below the hole.


Hole #2

Hole 2 is a par 4 with a subtle dogleg left. Favor the right side of fairway to avoid the water on the left. Your approach is to a slightly raised, two-tiered green guarded by bunkers left front & right.


Hole #3

Hole 3 is the shortest of the par 3's at Lakewood. It requires a forced carry, over water, to a green that is well protected by bunkers. The green is two tiered and receptive. Here, long is better than short.


Hole #4

Hole 4 is a straight, short, par 4 framed by two fairway bunkers left and right of the landing area. A well-placed drive will leave the player with a short approach to a green that slopes severely back to front. Keep the ball below the hole!


Hole #5

On hole 5 the green, which is one of the largest at Lakewood, is protected by bunkers left and right. A par 3, the hole has a wide opening at the front and is the second longest of the par 3's. Play it forward, it's still plenty of golf!


Hole #6

Hole 6 is a strong dogleg right. To shorten the hole, move your tee shot left to right. Stronger players can carry the dogleg. Your approach will most likely be played from an uneven lie to a green protected by two bunkers. The tee ball is paramount to scoring well on this par 4.


Hole #7

Hole 7 is fairly straight, and the landing area off the tee is framed by staggered bunkers to the left and right. Better players can carry the left bunker; however, most should favor the right. This is the first of the reachable par 5's and a good lay-up will leave you with a short iron to a green that again tilts hard back to front.


Hole #8

Hole 8 is a par 4 that doglegs to the left. Thick trees line the left side and are to be avoided at all costs. From the tee, play short of the fairway bunker located on the outside of the dogleg. From there, it’s a short approach to a two-tier green. This is a good hole for scoring well.


Hole #9

Hole 9 is a hard par 5 that doglegs to the left. More seasoned players can reach it in two. From the tee, avoid the trouble left and favor center to right. In the landing area, the hole turns 90 degrees to the left. The lay-up area and green are well-bunkered. Favor the left on approach, as shots lost to the right could find a watery grave in Lake Bouton.


Hole #10

Hole 10 is a gentle par 4 which doglegs to the right. Avoid the fairway bunkers on the right. The approach shot is slightly uphill to a green that is well-bunkered and pitched from back to front.


Hole #11

Hole 11 is a straightaway off the tee with water on the left and staggered bunkers down the right. A well-placed tee shot will leave you with a short approach on this par 4. The most challenging aspect of this hole is the green—it’s deep and narrow and protected by well-placed bunkers.


Hole #12

Hole 12 is the longest of the par 3's. Besides the overall length, the player must contend with the prevailing wind, as well as water on the left. Bunkers front, left, and right shrink the entrance to this green. Our tip? Play it forward!


Hole #13

Hole 13 is a dogleg right and requires the player to fit the tee shot between two bunkers left and right. From there, the approach is uphill to the most titled green (from back to front). The green is well guarded by bunkers - one extra club is the rule on this par 4.


Hole #14

Hole 14 is the last of the reachable par 5's. It's a very simple, straightforward hole with a wide open fairway and one single bunker right off the tee. A good lay-up will leave you with a short approach to a generous green. Good scoring chances abound.


Hole #15

Hole 15 is a par 4 that doglegs slightly to the right. Watch the bunkers left and right off the tee. The green is protected by bunkers front, left and right, so distance control is the key here.


Hole #16

Hole 16 is another par 4 that doglegs slightly to the right. From the tee, there is more real estate left than it appears. You should avoid the large bunker on the right, but otherwise the green is large and open.


Hole #17

Hole 17 is a strong par 3. It’s well guarded by bunkers on the left and front right. The green is kidney shaped with little room to chase the ball up, so the front bunker tends to get a lot of action. Make sure you use plenty of club.


Hole #18

Hole 18 is good finishing hole - a true 3 shot. The large-faced bunker on left must be avoided. After favoring the right side, lay-up to a landing area with staggered bunkers left and right. O.B. is right and behind the green. The approach is to a deep green framed by bunkers left and right.

Championship42742718135723045451837951834914344042484305093513982175513542703373 / 1280 / 0
Back42040716335421344751036450733854073712174044903413771965413344672971.5 / 1240 / 0
Middle40938913933019643749433749532263883562033914763233561785193190641670 / 1200 / 0
Orange283273161330116314368258391249426526711326434724926610137322454739100 / 61.561.6 / 101
Forward36532911632213541848030747229443623401484044613083411484472959590367.7 / 11474 / 126
Handicap7317151319115 21012414188166    
Par M/W443434
Handicap9513151731117 21416841210186    

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Golf At Lakewood Country Club

Designed by William Bell in 1933, Lakewood Golf Course is one of the original gems of Southern California golf. Water comes into play on seven of the holes, mainly from its signature man-made Lake Bouton. One of the longer courses in the area at over 7,000 yards back from the back tees, the course has limited elevation change and tree-lined fairways. To hone your game, Lakewood Country Club provides an expansive practice facility and top-notch amenities—everything you need for an exceptional golf experience.


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